What Is A Dog Whisperer?

by Ditte Young

Updated on October 3, 2023
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A dog whisperer is a person who can read the dog’s signals, body language, or mindset.

Many therapists helping with behavioral issues are called dog whisperers too. Calling you a dog whisperer doesn’t require any education since the title is not protected. 

However, a professional dog whisperer should have an education as a:

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What is a dog whisperer?

A dog whisperer means that you can hear, feel, and receive what a dog is sending out from its energy field and body. When a dog whisperer understands what it is like being the dog, it becomes easier to help the dog be understood and give the right tools to the dog owners for a changed dog behavior or a calmer dog.

Many dog owners get help from dog training, to begin with. After a while, they discover that their dog has an opinion on its own and if the dog is not being understood, behavioral issues occur. Many pet owners are getting more interested in how dogs communicate. They do that both energetically, physically with body language, and mentally. A dog whisperer can help dog owners in understanding that communication form.

What is the difference between a dog trainer and a dog whisperer?

To become a dog trainer, you can educate yourself through these four steps:

After the education, it requires a lot of practice with dog owners and their dogs to learn the dog’s altered behavior in real life, not only from the books or in theory.

To become a dog whisperer, you can educate yourself by taking master classes in:

It is an alternative education and path to helping dogs understand. A Dog whisperer or dog communicator, works with how dogs communicate nonverbally and read the mindset of the dog combined with the body language as well.

As a dog whisperer, I often demonstrate behavior modification techniques so that the pet owners can see the techniques work immediately. My techniques consist of therapy, telepathy with dogs, and working with the pet owner’s body language and energy too.

What is dog whispering?

Dog whispering is a term for listening to nonverbal communication from a dog. The dog sends out many signals. A dog whisperer can read all of them.

It can be signals such as:

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What does a dog whisperer do?

In the first meeting with a professional dog whisperer, I ask what the dog owners find problematic and which behavior problems they experience. Then, I sense what the dog is feeling and thinking.

I usually go through these topics:

When I know the dog’s personality, I also know its needs. That could be structure or mental preparations before any training session so it knows what to do when teaching dogs. When I see and sense the relationship between the dog owner and the dog, I know if the behavior problems are caused by the dog owner’s lack of understanding of the dog’s personality profile and motivation or if it should be found elsewhere. 

I often see that the dog’s behavior makes the dog owner incapable of trusting their intuition. They repeat their habits, which becomes an even bigger problem for the dog if the dog owner is insecure. I sense if there is balanced energy between them and whether the dog owner is a good pack leader. 

Typical behavior problems:

How do dogs communicate?

“When you listen to their whispers, they have no reason to shout and scream” – Chirag Patel.

Successful training with your dog requires that you can read your dog, know how to motivate it, and know how important communication is. Dogs communicate through body language, also known as visual signals.

They do that by:

Dogs communicate through verbal communication

A bark isn’t just a bark. Your dog communicates with sounds. The vocalization of the dog reminds of its relative the wolf, but the vocalization of the dog changed during the socialization process when human beings took dogs into their homes.

Dogs communicate using their sense of smell. They have a world where they pick up on sentience we can’t smell. Their sensitivity to smells is between 10.00-100.000 better than seen with humans. The language and communication they have on smell are effective. Your dog can receive pieces of information from other dogs without being present with them. Your dog can gather social pieces of information by examination of the urine from other dogs. 

Dogs also communicate through tactile communication. Like we as human beings also use or physical bodies to communicate, the dogs can do the same. We can touch each other if we sense another person needs our comfort. We can hug them, kiss them, or sit close to another person. Dogs do the same things.

Dogs also comunicate telepathically by sending energy or a thought out, which another dog picks up on and might react to. When you learn how to master telepathic communication, you are also capable of calming down your dog by using your toughts while walking. Many dog owners are already doing this without even noticing it.

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How to communicate with dogs effectively?

Communicating effectively with your dog requires you to be motivated when you spend time with your dog. Your dog always picks up on your state of mind and energy. When you understand what your dog needs to be motivated and safe, the balanced energy between you can occur. 

Be aware of the following:

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How to be a dog whisperer?

Becoming a good dog whisperer requires you also know how to be a good communicator and therapist for the dog owner. Human beings are the ones who have the choice to get help. The dog hasn’t. For many dog owners, their dogs are their children or babies. It is still vulnerable for many dog owners to receive help from the outside because they think they failed if they experience their dogs having difficulties in any way.

I recommend the more balanced you are, the less you will project or get angry or upset when you help a dog owner with effective communication. That requires self-searching and insight so you know what triggers you emotionally. If you were a neglected child in your past, you might be vulnerable to meeting a dog owner who would be very aggressive with the dog.

Animal communication combined with therapeutical tools is a very effective combination because the dog whisperer can sense everything that happens in the dog and yet still be well-balanced to provide the right tools for a successful change to happen.

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