About Ditte Young

I was born a sensitive soul with the privilege of being able to sense the spiritual work as a telepath, animal communicator, clairvoyant, and coach.

It is a rare gift I was born with because I practice telepathy faster and in much more detail than many other practitioners do. 

An accuracy of 99 % on each session creates an even greater audience and interest in these abilities, which I am happy to pass on to other interested people.

I have taught my telepathic methods to more than 550 people worldwide.

Muusmann Publishing has published my knowledge and theory in 3 books about animal behavioral issues and one book for parents with children who suffer from depression and anxiety and are neurodivergent or neurotypical.

I travel worldwide to broaden people’s perspectives and knowledge that behavioral issues are easy to fix and do not exist as long as we truly understand the needs and structure of the individual condition, being two or four-legged.

I have succeeded in spreading my theory and name all over Europe, and I see significant interest from other countries such as the USA, Greece, Spain, England, India, etc.

My life mission is to make telepathy the new big thing because it is all about trusting your intuition. You will become whole as a soul when you can do that.

My background and experience

TED❌ speaker: “The Three Tools To Success My Disabled Son Taught Me.”
I’ve worked as a spiritual coach, therapist, and clairvoyant for 25 years
I’m the author of 3 books about animal communication
I’m the co-author of the coaching book “Activate Your Life Vol. III” – #1 bestseller
I’m known as Denmark’s most recognized animal communicator – I’ve taught more than 500 students worldwide
I’ve participated in radio shows on POP FM, NRJ, and MTV Radio
I deliver content for magazines in Denmark and abroad, e.g., Magasinet Nord, Hest360, Malgré Tout
I participate in various TV shows as a clairvoyant and animal communicator, e.g., Moneyheist on Netflix, Danish TV shows, and news stations.

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