A fantastic supplement for us as trainers

"Ditte is really good at intercepting the horse’s personality and not at least spotting that the horse is an animal with instincts and how it’s functioning.

I applaud how she works with the rider’s weight bearing and position. At these times, it’s an amazing supplement for us trainers.

Because it’s essential to simplify the complicated and to do that, you need to see it and also make it simple.

Riding can be a pleasure, but you must also understand and read your horse, inside and out. How it reacts and what to do about it."
Pether Markne
Trainer of the national team and judge. Sweden

Today, the horse has a totally different life

"I’ve been in touch with Ditte regarding a decision about the future, as one of our very talented young horses was injured.

It had been in Germany, as it wasn’t functioning during the horse riding. It didn’t react to the treatment and we needed to know how much pain it was in and if it was only during the horse riding.

Ditte was spot on with many statements about the horse, that she wouldn’t have known in advance. Ditte’s help was important, as it helped us make the decision not to put down the horse, but it could function on a lower level or something completely else.

Today, the horse has a totally different life, he guards some of our young plage and he thrives with it."
Carina Cassøe Krüth
Qualified equestrian and International Grand Prix dressage rider. Denmark

Self awareness and insight into my horses

"Over a number of years, Ditte has helped me with my competition horses. No matter what you believe in, it’s a process, that has given me a self awareness and an insight into my horses."
Anna Zibrandtsen
International Grand Prix dressage rider. Rider of the national team. Denmark

I'm able to help my horse much better

"I’ve made use of Ditte Young’s abilities for “problem horses” and for horses that had potential, but where I haven’t been able to fully exploit it myself.

I truly believe the detailed information that Ditte is receiving from the horses, because she’s sharing information that I already know. At the same time, she can tell me things I wasn’t aware of.

She suggests specific exercises that I can do to either solve a problem or further develop myself and my horse. This has made it easier to understand my horses. When I understand the whole context, I feel that I’m able to help my horse much better.

With the tools Ditte gave me, I can see a difference. Asking Ditte for help has helped me understand my horses much better."
Ellen Birgitte Farbrot
International Grand Prix dressage rider. Rider of the national team. Norway

Ditte has my utmost respect on a very professional level

"A few years ago, Ditte came to visit a horse that I wasn’t able to figure out.

I’m not easily convinced regarding things that you can essentially google.

But after spending a brief time with the horse, Ditte told me something that only I knew and that hadn’t been shared or published.

That’s why Ditte has my utmost respect on a very professional level."
Bo Høstrup
International Grand Prix dressage rider. Denmark

Ditte helps a rider and horse understand each other

"I cannot thank Ditte enough for making me understand my horse Lapponia even better after equicoach sessions with her in Sweden.

The bond between us as Ditte has described it, became even more clear to me after hearing it and I can see that very clearly, after comparing it to the other horses that I ride.

I think the way Ditte works helps a rider and a horse to understand each other.

Especially for the riders to understand why the horses react and behave the way they are."
Paulinda Friberg
International Grand Prix dressage rider. Sweden

I received some very useful information

"Getting the opportunity to hear what my horse Mahonia said about herself was very rewarding and completely corresponded with how I see her.

I received some very useful information from Ditte. Combining this with what I can do in my line-up to help us perform even better was to open up for new thoughts and ideas.

Everything I’ve learned, I will take with me in the training and in the future with Mahoni."
Pernilla André Hokfelt
International Grand Prix dressage rider. Sweden

What you’re able to do is just amazing

"You’ve helped us tremendously. Not just me, but especially my horses. They have been listened to, treated and I understand them.

It has changed many things in our everyday life, things I wouldn’t have understood or realised without your help. You are so inspiring and I’m more than grateful for everything you’ve done for us.

What you’re able to do is just amazing."
Josephine-Emilie Thide Nielsen
Young Rider. Dressage. Denmark

I wish I had asked Ditte first

"Ditte Young is amazing!

I’ve had a horse, who has been through two years of veterinarian treatments with a German veterinarian – without any results.

Ditte made the horse function again quickly through the communication and thereby, determined exactly where the horse needed treatment. After this, she treated it with cranio sacral therapy.

I wish I had asked Ditte first and not last. Then we would’ve saved two years of injuries. I think telepathy is a truly amazing tool, and every rider should try it. It explains why the horse is reacting the way it is. All of a sudden everything makes sense. You avoid a lot of battles and receive direct guidelines to solve the problems with the horses.

As a rider, you may misinterpret the horse’s signals. An experienced person from the horse industry with an old fashioned mindset doesn't have the same tools to read the horse, like Ditte gives me through telepathy. Horses are unique.

Ditte doesn’t know the horse’s behavioural pattern or history. Still, she is spot on, down to the smallest detail. I can highly recommend Ditte."
Lisbeth Stribholdt
International Grand Prix Springrrytter

I learned how to act and communicate with my horse

"I had the pleasure to meet Ditte when she worked with two of my show jumpers. One in particular has been a real challenge for me since he came into my stable 7,5 years ago due to his behaviour at competitions and shows.

With help from Ditte I got the opportunity to communicate with him to find out his issues and needs, which was both fascinating and surprising.

I learned so much about how to act and communicate with him, which I am really grateful for!

Looking forward to use the tools and mindset from her to improve my communication and understanding of both of my horses and I’m so much looking forward to work with Ditte again in a few months!"
Hannes Melin
International Grand Prix Springrrytter, Sverige

Clarity, understanding and mutual respect between the horse and rider

"I approached Ditte Young to get some advice a few years back, when my old competition horse was dealing with quite a few leg injuries and despite the veterinarian’s conclusion that he was ready for competition fields again, I had another gut feeling all along.

I needed clarification that only my horse could give me, and through common acquaintances, I decided to contact Ditte. I needed answers quickly, so I chose to get a telepathy through a picture and the experience of receiving the many pages from “my horse” was surreal.

I could recognise many of the descriptions and most importantly Ditte could help me locate where my sweet gelding was in pain.

Shortly after, I chose to retire him from competitions when an examination by a veterinarian showed that an old injury in the front leg appeared again, just like he had told us during the telepathy with Ditte.

I also needed Ditte’s help learning to deal with his anxiety towards cars and other machinery with engines. She gave me some very basic tools, which helped instantly and that I still use today.

I will recommend Ditte any day! It can give clarity, an understanding and a bigger mutual respect between the horse and rider."
Caroline Emilia Bøgelund Storch
Rider of the national team and elite rider at Danish Islænderhesteforening. Denmark.

It was amazing to get to know my horse even better

"I got the honour to have Ditte Young at our stables. A humble warm person that works in a fantastic way, both with the horses and the humans.

Her ability to read my horse and to read me as a rider was an incredible experience.

I got answers to a lot of questions through her. She told me what I needed to improve based on what my horse is reacting to and which impact I have on my horses. Ditte also told me what happens when I sit in the saddle, without actually seeing me riding. I was just standing in the stable next to my horse.

Ditte told me how my horse feels when I'm riding her. To me, this is something I have experienced for a long time, but getting to know even more thoroughly what my horse reacts to and feels is very positive.

In addition, it became very clear what depends on me and my shortcomings as a rider. It was amazing to get to know my horse so much better and to know what could be behind the difficulties through Ditte’s way of reading my horse. To hear and get confirmed that my horse is really grateful for my way of training her, handling her and trying to read her, warms my heart.

After this meeting with Ditte I feel an inner peace and greater understanding for myself. I also feel that I have gotten a greater insight and know how important it is to really listen to your horse and to be well.

Since the very first day after our first session with Ditte, I have experienced that my horse and I had an even better communication and dialogue now.

I also experience that those details I was told that I as a rider need to think of and work at, gave me big results immediately. Through these details and this humble dialogue between us we can easier dance further in our training and our career together – with great pleasure!

I'm so looking forward to the next sessions with Ditte Young!
Tove Melin
International Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer. Sweden.

I still don’t know how it works

"Continuously, we are making use of Equicoaching, cranio sacral therapy and therapy with Ditte Young in our team.

I still don’t know how it works, but none of the less, she’s spot on every time.

I experience both of my girls are getting the correct tools to help them get ready before a big competition. Thanks for the great advice."
Charlotte König
Equestrian and Trainer in showjumping. Denmark

With the help from Ditte, I am even closer to my best friend now

"Ditte Young has helped me to understand my pony, Lykkehøjs Dominique, much better.

With her very unique abilities, Ditte has sensed and expressed things, so I’m able to bring out the best in my pony.

She can communicate with my pony through images, and helps me as a rider to determine what I can do to make my pony happier.

I’ve also found out what it takes to ensure we develop in the best possible way. It has been a great help and something I can use, when Ditte is not there. With the help from Ditte, I am even closer to my best friend now!"
Amalia Skjold
International Pony rider. Dressage rider. Denmark.

A positive development in my riding

"The cooperation with Ditte has improved the communication, relation and understanding of my horses, which have resulted in an extra dimension and positive development in my riding and interaction with the horses.

This learning is something I will take with me, when it comes to my own role as trainer."
Per Sandgaard
The Olympics and and International Grand Prix dressage rider. Sweden

It's touching and overwhelming to understand your horse on a different level

"In 2016, I worked with Ditte at a Horseshow in Hilleroed with my former pony Gambys Hanneken WE, which now belongs to my sister, Elisabeth Cecilie Bonefeld.

The reason that I thought it was interesting was that it was my last time on a pony and it was nice to get closer to someone that I had shared so many experiences with.

The experience was special and it was definitely interesting, exciting and moving to understand your horse on a different level. Ditte’s abilities are also relevant in relation to the well-being and insecurities of the horse."
Victoria Bonefeld Dahl
International Pony rider. Dressage rider. Denmark



A fantastic start to your animal communication training

"Your way of handling the start of the course was outstanding. From the start, you instilled complete faith and trust that everyone on the team could communicate telepathically.

Your confidence rubbed off on me. I felt safe and in the most knowledgeable hands and could therefore throw myself into the course content with calm and confidence.

I am very impressed with your way of conducting the training. You are at once entirely down to earth, calm, relaxed, welcoming, and unimpressed - and at the same time, totally professional, purposeful, and structured.

Even after many years of higher education and continuing education, I have never met a teacher so dedicated! You are true to what you master and devoted to learning it from you. It is evident how crucial it is for you that your students get the opportunity to learn EVERYTHING you can do.

A course day with you flies by:

– The framework is superb
– Everything is carefully planned and structured
– It's full speed ahead, but you make sure that everyone is involved
– You ensure that all course participants are safe and involved
– You instill confidence and courage
– You are entirely focused
– You ensure a good atmosphere and that everyone feels comfortable."
Ida Lawaetz

Unique, personal and judgment free course

The course is unique, personal, and rich in epiphany. Ditte has a well-established and successful career and guided us through techniques to access our higher selves and ultimately be receptive to receiving and transmitting information across time and space.

I immediately felt at ease knowing that it’s a good thing to “fail”. Our Zoom sessions had an intimacy and openness that created an optimal learning environment in a judgment-free zone.

I wholeheartedly recommend a course with Ditte to people from all walks of life. I feel confident you will emerge from the course with a fresh perspective, a touched heart, and a renewed vitality in your passions.
Joia Holman

My relationship with my dog has changed

“I took this course because I have been boarding and doing daycare for dogs for about a year now.

My relationship with dogs has changed - Now I can clearly see the different personalities of the dogs I care for.

At the beginning of the first call, I experienced a wave of energy from Ditte - it was the first time I have ever felt the energy in such a powerful physical way.”
Gina Hansen

Ditte is a gifted practitioner

"I’ve always felt that there was more to this reality. I surprised myself with how much Telepathy I could do - I feel like I was born to do this!

Learning to trust the information I am getting has been so important. Ditte is such a gifted practitioner - it’s good to see what is possible.

I was so glad I had some tools to communicate with animals when I encountered a rabbit that had been hit by a car and I could communicate with him as he was dying."
Rebekah Tolley
Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

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