Animal Telepathy Mastery

Learn how to communicate telepathically with your animal from the most recognized animal communicator in Europe – and make your animals your closest friends.

Animal Telepathy Mastery

Learn how to communicate telepathically with your animal from the most recognized animal communicator in Europe – and make your animals your closest friends.

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Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

Animal Telepathy Mastery:
Learn from the best!

Animal Telepathy Mastery is an online course focused primarily on dogs or horses. Held by me, Ditte Young. The course builds on my 25 years of experience in telepathic communication with animals and successfully teaching the right tools and techniques to more than 500 students.

With Animal Telepathy Mastery, you can:

Not only will you get to know the animals in your life better — you will get to know yourself better through them, too.

Want to learn how to telepathically communicate with animals from the most recognized animal communicator in Europe? Then Animal Telepathy Mastery is for you.

In this course, you will:

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The practical details 

The Animal Telepathy Mastery course focuses primarily on dogs and horses. The course consists of a combination of exercises, knowledge sharing, and theory on various topics related to telepathic communication with animals. Through this course, you will get to know animals better and meet like-minded people who, just like you, want to give their animals the best life possible.

Price: 2,500 USD. The amount can be paid in whole or in 3 installments.

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What is animal telepathy?

Animal telepathy is the ability to communicate telepathically with animals of all species by transmitting thoughts, ideas, feelings, and mental images.

Telepathy is one of the primary ways in which animals communicate with each other. For example, when a flock of geese needs to change their formation, the lead goose falls back in the line to catch the draft. Simultaneously, the other geese move up in formation, and a new goose takes the lead. This smooth transition is facilitated by telepathic communication.

When animals communicate telepathically, they communicate in the manner in which they are most comfortable. This means that a telepathic interaction with an animal might consist of communication in a variety of different forms, including:

Some people are naturally gifted in animal telepathy and can quickly establish a telepathic connection with an animal. Professional animal communicators can establish this connection by being near the animal or, if the animal is far away, through a video call or seeing a photo of the animal.

Forming a telepathic connection with an animal can help them and their human companion deepen their connection. It allows two beings who do not speak the same language to communicate clearly how they are feeling and learn to understand each other on a spiritual level.

Although most of us are unaware, we can communicate telepathically with animals. We need to learn how — and this Animal Telepathy Mastery course can help you do just that.

Testimonial from previous participants

A fantastic start to your animal communication training

“Your way of handling the start of the course was outstanding. From the start, you instilled complete faith and trust that everyone on the team could communicate telepathically.

Your confidence rubbed off on me. I felt safe and in the most knowledgeable hands and could therefore throw myself into the course content with calm and confidence.

I am very impressed with your way of conducting the training. You are at once entirely down to earth, calm, relaxed, welcoming, and unimpressed – and at the same time, totally professional, purposeful, and structured.

Even after many years of higher education and continuing education, I have never met a teacher so dedicated! You are true to what you master and devoted to learning it from you. It is evident how crucial it is for you that your students get the opportunity to learn EVERYTHING you can do.

A course day with you flies by:

– The framework is superb
– Everything is carefully planned and structured
– It’s full speed ahead, but you make sure that everyone is involved
– You ensure that all course participants are safe and involved
– You instill confidence and courage
– You are entirely focused
– You ensure a good atmosphere and that everyone feels comfortable.”

Ida Lawaetz, Denmark 

Ditte is a gifted practitioner

“I’ve always felt that there was more to this reality. I surprised myself with how much Telepathy I could do – I feel like I was born to do this!

Learning to trust the information I am getting has been so important. Ditte is such a gifted practitioner – it’s good to see what is possible.

I was so glad I had some tools to communicate with animals when I encountered a rabbit that had been hit by a car, and I could communicate with him as he was dying.”

Rebekah Tolley, Scotland

A tremendous academic world in the horse industry

“Ditte Young’s Animal Telepathy education has opened a tremendous academic world within the horse industry, which has been my hobby for many years.

I started my education in 2012; by then, I had been in the industry for 15 years. It has given me a different understanding of animals. I’ve gained an insight into some of their patterns and realized that there’s often an underlying reason for the animals to behave in a way that, for us, seems inappropriate.

It has opened my eyes to my personal life, and I now believe there’s more than meets the eye. A world that’s also spiritual, that gives me the urge to learn more constantly.

It also gives me a sense of calmness that nothing is coincidental. It makes so much sense to me in my everyday life.”

Nicoline Marciniak, Denmark 

Unique, personal, and judgment-free course

“The course is unique, personal, and rich in epiphany. Ditte has a well-established and successful career in animal communication and guided us through potent meditations and techniques to access our higher selves and ultimately be receptive to receiving and transmitting information across time and space.

As a participant in the telepathy course, I immediately felt at ease knowing it’s a good thing to “fail.” In addition to the professional content and resources, our zoom sessions had an intimacy and openness that created an optimal learning environment in a judgment-free zone.

I wholeheartedly recommend a course with Ditte to all seekers, scientists, dreamers, poets, physicists, and essentially people from all walks of life. No matter where you come from, I feel confident you will emerge from the course with a fresh perspective, a heart that feels touched, and a renewed vitality in your passions.”

Joia Holman, USA 

My relationship with my dog has changed

“I took this course because I have been boarding and doing daycare for dogs for about a year.

My relationship with dogs has changed – I can see the different personalities of the dogs I care for.

At the beginning of the first call, I experienced a wave of energy from Ditte – it was the first time I have ever felt the power in such a powerful physical way.”

Gina Hansen, Hawaii 

Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

Learn to communicate telepathically with your animal

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