I don’t connect with my horse

Many riders and horse owners are embarrassed to admit they have a horse or bought a new horse or pony and feel that they don’t connect with it.

There can be several reasons for that. Maybe you have said goodbye to your old horse or pony, which was your everything. In grief over losing your best friend, you have bought or acquired a new horse.

But it is not the same. It will not become your old best friend, nor is it your old best friend.

For some riders, there is also great sadness in going from pony to horse.

In your teenage years, you wave goodbye to your pony and the long journey you traveled together. Now you have to transition to a big horse.

Your pony has helped you so many times. It has cried with you, laughed with you, and maybe you’ve even won prizes together.

Perhaps you are looking forward to transitioning to a big horse, but you are probably also nervous. You know it’s a big task, and you will have to start from scratch in some areas. Not least, you are now competing against others who are older than you and much more experienced than you.

For others, you might have bought a horse to be your refuge, sanctuary, and stress therapy in a busy everyday life. But maybe you don’t feel that your horse in any way works as a refuge or free space.

You may have acquired a horse, which is becoming “another task” on your list of things to achieve, or perhaps a burden, even if it pains you to admit it.

You must know that in the company of your horse, a partnership relationship undeniably arises. Your horse is a lesson for you if you choose to see it that way, and you are also a lesson for it.

I know you want to make it work and do what’s best for your horse, even if you’re tired of it all.
One method to truly understand your horse and its needs is by practicing telepathy.

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