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Learn to communicate with animals in this free telepathy training with Ditte Young, Europe's most recognized animal communicator

April 22, 1 pm EST

Ditte Young

Animal communicator,
pet psychic & equicoach

Ditte Young

pet psychic
& equicoach

What is the meaning of a dog whisperer or horse whisperer?

A dog whisperer or horse whisperer is also called an animal communicator or pet communicator. 

This is a professional who works with all species of animals, providing intuitive insights to enhance the relationship between people and their companion animals.

Animals communicate with us just as much as they do with each other. However, since animals do not have a verbal language like ours, it can be difficult for us to understand what they’re trying to communicate. This is where an animal communicator comes in.

Most people experience the world through the five senses. An animal communicator, however, has developed a sixth and seventh sense, which allows them to tune into animals’ thoughts and feelings in ways that most of us cannot — yet.

With the help of an animal communicator, however, you can learn how to develop these senses to understand animals from their perspective. This will allow you to understand animals better and build a more profound connection with your pets.

Alongside the care you provide for your animal companion and veterinary care, the services of a professional animal communicator can help ensure that your beloved pets get the quality of life they deserve.

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Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

Animal Telepathy & Equicoaching

Animals don’t have a verbal language and therefore can’t “speak”. However, they can send an energy that humans can understand – if we listen and stay quiet within. Telepathy with animals is nonverbal communication.

Through Equicoaching you can improve the partnership with your horse by understanding it on the mental and physical level. You will gain a mutual understanding, more joy and respect. 

About Ditte Young

Ditte Young is a telepath, coach, clairvoyant, and Europe’s most recognized professional animal communicator. For 25 years, Ditte has helped animals and their owners understand each other better.

Born with a sensitive soul, Ditte has always had a special connection with animals and their spiritual life. Her gift as an animal communicator enables her to practice telepathy faster and with much more detailed results than many other practitioners.

These abilities have enabled Ditte to successfully teach animal communication tools and techniques to more than 550 students worldwide — and she can teach you, too. Through her experience as an animal communicator, Ditte Young can help you get to the root of various behavioral and emotional concerns to help you give your pet the best life possible.

Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant


A fantastic supplement for us as trainers

"Ditte is really good at intercepting the horse’s personality and not at least spotting that the horse is an animal with instincts and how it’s functioning.

I applaud how she works with the rider’s weight bearing and position. At these times, it’s a fantastic supplement for us trainers.

Because it’s essential to simplify the complicated and to do that, you need to see it and also make it simple.

Riding can be a pleasure, but you must also understand and read your horse, inside and out. How it reacts and what to do about it."

Pether Markne

Trainer of the national team and judge. Sweden

Self-awareness and insight into my horses

"Over several years, Ditte has helped me with my competition horses. No matter what you believe in, it’s a process that has given me self-awareness and an insight into my horses."

Anna Zibrandtsen

International Grand Prix dressage rider. Rider of the national team. Denmark

I'm able to help my horse much better

"I’ve made use of Ditte Young’s abilities for “problem horses” and for horses that had potential, but where I haven’t been able to fully exploit it myself.

I truly believe the detailed information that Ditte is receiving from the horses because she’s sharing information that I already know. At the same time, she can tell me things I wasn’t aware of.

She suggests specific exercises that I can do to either solve a problem or further develop myself and my horse. This has made it easier to understand my horses. When I understand the whole context, I feel that I’m able to help my horse much better.

With the tools Ditte gave me, I can see a difference. Asking Ditte for help has helped me understand my horses much better."

Ellen Birgitte Farbrot

International Grand Prix dressage rider. Rider of the national team. Norway

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