The bubble

The bubble – the best advice for competitions – When your horse can get insecure on the field

Do you have a horse who has a behavior that you interpret as:

  • It is afraid of the field
  • It sees ghosts
  • It doesn’t trust you
  • It is afraid of one of the corners
  • It is afraid of flags and colors among the audience
  • It is afraid of other horses on the field
  • It is afraid on the warm up track
  • It is sensitive to sounds
  • It isn’t mentally or physically with me

Then you are just one amongst many riders who can use this advice:
One of the advices that many of the elite riders I help, no matter what discipline, gets from me is the bubble. To be able to do this exercise it requires that you can visualize something that isn’t there.

Imagine that you are in a bubble with only you and your horse. You can sense it, you can feel it, and you hear only your horse and your heartbeat and your breath. When you ride around in the bubble, only you and your horse exists. You should be able to SEE the bubble around you to make it work and you should be in total inner peace.

It can’t always stand alone because the fact that your horse has to perform together with you, is affected by how talented a rider you are, how well you are at understanding it, how the connection between you are, if you are a good leader and much more. This advice is amongst some of the many advices through coaching that I have been giving to many of our talented riders both in dressage and show jumping, who is focused and fighting for Denmark and their own victory with their horses at the European Championship right now.

I wish them and all of you good luck on the competition fields.

Take good care of your horses. They will do anything for you.

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